About Us


Hobo Outdoor Co. was created because there wasn't a brand for our crowd. We did over a years worth of research before even considering launching. Along the way we've found amazing people who love spending time outdoors. We are a lifestyle brand that centers around fishing, hunting, shooting and off-roading. It wasn't just about what people are doing but who the people are that are doing it. We believe in hard work and adventure. We didn't start Hobo Outdoor Co. to be just another random logo on a product. We are more than a logo, we are a lifestyle. We believe that if you're going to buy a product with your hard earned money it needs to be a quality product. Many of our products are Made in the USA and we will continue to add more products made by Americans.  

We get asked a lot why we chose the name Hobo Outdoor Co. Finding a brand name that fit our customer base wasn't an easy task. One night, there was a hobo documentary on TV that showed men and women leaving home during the Great Depression. When these people couldn't find work they went all out looking for it. The brand name Hobo Outdoor Co. just made sense because we believe in hard work and adventure. We are redefining Hobo whether society likes it or not.

Hobo Outdoor Co. was born in Texas but there are people all over the world that spend their off time chasing adventure. Life is too short to not enjoy it and we think you should enjoy it outdoors. We will never change our style to please the masses or just to make a buck. There is only one Hobo Outdoor Co. and we are here for our crowd.

Be sure to check out our products that benefit Fire, EMS, Police and Veteran charities. Your opinion is important to us at Hobo Outdoor Co. If you want to drop us a line visit our feedback section.